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Shoptalk Meetup for Women is the place to find mentors to catapult your professional career, strengthen your ideas on the industry, find your big break or simply just pick the brains of industry titans. The opportunities are endless! 

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  • "It was incredibly well organized! The platform was super easy to use, and all communication about actions to take and deadlines was extremely clear. Additionally, everyone I spoke to was very open and easygoing."
    Shoptalk Meetup for Women Attendee
  • "The fact I was able to speak with so many women from all aspects of the industry that I did not know existed. I enjoyed the time (15 min was perfect) and how helpful the experts were."
    Shoptalk Meetup for Women Attendee
  • "Great easy format to meet wonderful women. I appreciated that everyone wanted to help each other"
    Shoptalk Meetup for Women Attendee

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