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Terms & Conditions for Hosted Participants

Hosted Retailers & Brands Program

Terms & Conditions for Hosted Meeting Participants

Last revised: October 22, 2021

Below are the terms and conditions ("Terms & Conditions") for the Hosted Retailers & Brands Programs ("Hosted Program") to be held online at Shoptalk Commerce, LLC and/or Groceryshop, LLC Retail Meetup events through 2023.

As a Hosted Retailer & Brands Attendee or Hosted Meeting Participant of a Hosted Program of an online Retail Meetup event ("Event") produced by Shoptalk Commerce, LLC (“Shoptalk”) and/or Groceryshop, LLC (“Groceryshop”, “we”, “us” or “our”) you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions, which form a legal contract between us and you (collectively, the "Agreement"). These terms and conditions are applicable to events produced by either Shoptalk or Groceryshop; references to “Shoptalk or Groceryshop” should be read according to whichever is the appropriate entity for the Retail Meetup Event.

This Agreement may be modified from time to time, so check back often. So that you are aware changes have been made, we will adjust the “Last Revised” date at the beginning of this document. Continued attendance at the Event by you will constitute your acceptance of any changes or revisions to this Agreement.

  1. With the Hosted Program, Shoptalk or Groceryshop (as appropriate depending on the Event) will arrange a series of 15-minute meetings ("Hosted Meetings") between Hosted Retailers & Brands Attendees and Hosted Meeting Participants. All Hosted Meetings will take place during Meeting Times. Notwithstanding the number of meetings purchased by any given Hosted Meeting Participant or in aggregate by all Hosted Meeting Participants, we do not guarantee any minimum number of Hosted Retailers & Brands Attendees or any minimum number of Hosted Meetings for any Hosted Meeting Participant. The number of meetings arranged for any given Hosted Meeting Participant might be below the number purchased.

  2. The number of Hosted Meetings purchased by any given Hosted Meeting Participant either directly or by their organization as part of a Transition Letter Agreement is that Hosted Meeting Participant’s "Hosted Meetings Cap". A Hosted Meeting Cap can be increased by purchasing additional Hosted Meetings at any time set forth by Shoptalk or Groceryshop (deadlines apply at the sole discretion of Shoptalk or Groceryshop).

  3. Hosted Meetings are priced as set forth in the Transition Letter Agreement (the price of each meeting being the "Price Per Meeting") or online during Shoptalk’s Retail Meetup, and the Hosted Meeting Participant must pay an amount equal to the Hosted Meeting Cap multiplied by the Price Per Meeting ("Meetings Payment Amount"). Shoptalk or Groceryshop has the right to increase the Price Per Meeting at any time.

  4. Hosted Meeting Participants must provide relevant information and respond to Shoptalk or Groceryshop’s requests by our stated deadlines as set forth in the Retail Meetup Hosted Program guidelines and other communications, including but not limited to completing their profiles, which includes information about their organizations ("Profiles"). All Profiles are subject to the review and approval of Shoptalk or Groceryshop.

  5. Hosted Meeting Participants must comply with Shoptalk or Groceryshop’s Hosted Program rules and directives, including:

  6. Shoptalk or Groceryshop in their sole discretion determines the eligibility of any Hosted Meeting Participant to be accepted into the Hosted Program and may in its sole discretion end enrollment of any Hosted Meeting Participant into the Hosted Program at any time and for any reason, including canceling any Hosted Meetings and providing a refund of any Meetings Payment Amount, which payment amount would be due within 60 days following the end of the Retail Meetup Event.

  7. Time is of the essence in all Hosted Program deadlines.