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Why attend as an investor or startup? 

Shoptalk Supply Chain Meetup is more than just an event for retailers and manufacturers. It’s also the perfect matchmaking opportunity for startups and investors focused on supply chain innovation.


Investors -- With 1000+ participants joining Shoptalk Supply Chain Meetup, you’re sure to come across innovative supply chain startups and technology companies with strong business models, smart founders, and sound strategies for growth. You’ll have the opportunity to sort through our list of attendees to request and accept meetings with companies on and off your radar.

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Startups --CEOs, founders, and senior startup executives can support many of their company goals and growth plans at Shoptalk Supply Chain Meetup. Whether seeking out new clients, partners, or funding, our 1:1 meetings program will help you get in front of the right retailers, brands, and investors to ultimately bring home the bacon. Startups may be eligible for discounted rates.

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