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Take your seat at the table with retail's boldest women leaders 

Our curated online discussions - Tabletalks - are open and inclusive opportunities for attendees to have a seat at the table with our 50+ Retail Experts who are at the forefront of innovation and their careers.

Whether you’re looking for razor sharp insights to fuel your career development, to benchmark best practice with peers or to discuss the industry's biggest challenges, don't miss being part of the conversations connecting women leaders of today and tomorrow and igniting transformation across retail.

Check out the Tabletalk conversations from 2023 below, and stay tuned for 2024 announcements dropping soon.


Be part of the conversations like these forging tomorrow's women retail executives

Leading a team through turbulent times

In an era of economic and industry challenges and opportunities, fostering an environment that supports employees and challenges them to excel is crucial. Leaders must encourage resilience, hard work and collaboration, while showing empathy and advocating for their team.

In this Tabletalk, participants will share the skills and strategies they use to thrive as leaders in a fast-changing industry.

Tips and tactics for advancing my retail career

Though progress is underway, women’s representation in senior-level roles remains below parity.

In this Tabletalk, participants will share career advice from their own experiences. They'll provide insight into how they've successfully advocated for themselves at work, how they've built relationships with mentors and champions, and other tactics that have helped them advance their careers.

Championing a culture of purpose and inclusion 

Increasingly, consumers and workers are drawn to companies that are purpose-driven and inclusive. There are many components needed to build such a culture, from holding employees accountable for advancing the company's mission to making the office accessible and welcoming to all.

In this Tabletalk, participants will discuss how to create and support a purpose-driven, inclusive work culture.

Thriving in my role

Succeeding in one's current role is critical to personal and professional development. Employees must balance their daily workload with factors such as getting buy-in on ideas, making tough decisions and being confident in their abilities.

In this Tabletalk, participants will focus on excelling in the day-to-day aspects of their jobs, sharing tips on how to exceed expectations in any role.

Successfully navigating challenging workplace dynamics

Women in the workplace often face a unique series of challenges, from advancing their careers in male-dominated industries, to dealing with difficult office cultures and politics, to balancing job responsibilities with caregiving ones.

In this Tabletalk, participants will have a candid conversation about the challenges they face in the workforce and the strategies they use to stay successful.

Marketing strategies that move the needle

Consumers' ability to discover and purchase products on an ever-growing number of platforms has created new challenges for marketers, but it's also unlocked new opportunities.

In this Tabletalk, participants will discuss successful tactics and strategies to navigate the changing media landscape, from testing emerging platforms and technologies to shifting their spend and strategies.

Building unified shopping journeys

The most sophisticated brands and retailers are looking beyond omnichannel shopping journeys toward unified experiences, which allow consumers to shop where they want, when they want, and have a continuous shopping experience as they move between channels.

In this Tabletalk, participants will share the tactics and learnings from their journeys to create a seamless, unified shopping experience.

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